Interacting with other users

In Cricket Championship you can communicate with other users by sending them messages directly or using the forums.

User Messages

Sending messages

You can send a user a message using the link on that user's page. The manager of a team is linked to from the team's page.

Messages have a title and some text. You can add formatting in the text using the TextileMarkdown syntax.

Received messages

Messages that have been sent to you can be viewed on your own messages page. This is linked to from the top menu and your account menu. These links will also show in brackets the number of unread messages you currently have.

You can read a message by clicking on the message title.

Blocking messages

You can choose to block messages from all users on your preferences page.

You can block an individual user when they have sent you a message by clicking on the 'Block this person' option at the bottom of the message. You can see any people you have blocked using the Blocks link in the menu on any messages page.

NB you will also receive messages from the system itself and from administrators.


The Cricket Championship forums are linked to in the main menu bar. You can create new topics in the various forums and contribute to existing forum discussions.

Forum posts can include various formatting options and links using the Markdown syntax.

Admin users

If you need to contact an administrator you can message james or email

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