Buying and selling players

There is a player transfer market in Cricket Championship which allows you to improve your squad or sell players you no longer require.

The transfer market is accessed via the 'Transfer market' link in the left-hand menu for your team. You can also see a list of any bids you have made on player auctions that are still running on this page.

Players are bought and sold in sealed bid auctions. The highest bid in an auction will 'win' and the player will be sold to the bidding team . When two bids are equal the earlier bid will be successful. Player auctions last for three days.

The actual sale price of the player is one more than the second highest bid in the auction. If there is only one bid in the auction then the price is the minimum price. So, for example, if two teams bid 2,000 and 100,000 on a player with a minimum price of 1,000 then the player is sold for 2,001 to the highest bidder.

Player transfers are subject to a tax of 5 percent. This means that the team selling the player will receive the sale price less 5 percent.


You can buy players by following the 'Buy' link on the transfer market page. You can enter various criteria for finding players for sale. When you are happy with your choices click the 'Search' button to find players matching your choices.

When you have found a player you want to bid for, click on their name to view the player's page. To make a bid click on the 'Bid for this player' link. You can enter a bid in the box. The bid must be equal or higher than the minimum bid. You can re-bid for a player you have already bid for but you can only increase the value of your bid.

Transfer information

An icon appears against each player for sale to give you some more information about the sale. The tooltip on the icon shows how often this player has been listed by their team and not been sold. A high number of attempted sales may indicate that the seller is repeatedly asking for an unrealistic amount for the player.

The tooltip also shows how often the team sells players successfully. A low percentage of sales may mean that they team often try to sell players that are overpriced.

The icon will be red for teams that have often listed the player unsuccessfully or who have a low percentage of successful sales (unless the listing has no minimum price). The icon will be green for teams who usually sell players successfully when they list.


You can sell your players by following the 'Sell' links on the transfer market page. Choose the player you want to see and enter the minimum price you are prepared to accept for the player in the box at the end of the list.

If a player has been transferred they cannot be resold until 50 days after their previous transfer.

If a player has been unsuccessfully auctioned they cannot be relisted until 10 days after their previous auction.

Mid-match transfers

If an auction finishes whilst the player is playing in a match he completes the match for his old club before being available for selection for his new club.

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