To access the training pages for your team you can use the 'Training' link in the left-hand menu for your team. You can choose which particular areas each of your players will train in for each day.

Each player can train in a primary area and a secondary area. Primary training will usually result in more significant increases to players' skills. You can choose the same skill for a player's primary and secondary training. Younger players improve their skills quicker than older players and players with high morale improve quicker than those with low morale.

Players who are not very proficient in a skill will improve marginly quicker than normal. Players who are very highly rated in a skill will improve marginly slower than normal.

Players lose fitness when they train. They lose more fitness for primary training than for secondary training. Players who train when they are not fully fit may also lose some morale. How much morale they lose is dependent on how unfit they are. If you do not want a player to train until they are fully fit then you can cancel training for that player until they return to maximum fitness.

You can also decide whether all your players should train the day before a match. The team you have selected for a match, or your default team if you haven't selected a team, will never train the day before so that they are fit as possible for the match. However, if you want to delay your team selection until the day of the match itself, you may want all your players or just the squad of players for that match (1st XI for example) to rest as though they were going to play in the match.

Each week a report is compiled to inform you of any significant changes in players' skills. This can be viewed using the link on the training page or from the 'Report' left-hand menu option.

Match training

Players can also improve their skills through playing in matches. Players that bowl may improve their bowling, players who bat may improve their batting and all players may improve their fielding. The more a player bats or bowls the more likely they are to improve.

Skill improvement for players playing in matches will only happen for the first 3 matches they play in a week.

When teams repeatedly play each other over the course of a few weeks it is less likely that players will improve their skills from these matches.

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