Time and Timings

Cricket Championship time is the same as GMT (BST during the summer). All times are displayed in GMT throughout the game. Relative times are available as tooltips on virtually all dates and times to indicate how long it is until a particular event happens (or how long ago it did happen).

The Cricket Championship season is 15 weeks long. The season co-incides with the official leagues but leagues do not have to start and end within a season. The current season, season 50, will finish on 21 Nov 2022.

Automated processes

Cricket Championship relies on various automated processes to keep the game running smoothly. For example, matches outcomes, player training and pitch preparation are all determined by an automated process. The table below shows when these various processes are run. Times are GMT and processes will run an hour later during BST.

Process When Notes
Match resolution Every 15 minutes Determine outcome of next session in matches
Post match updates Every 15 minutes Set statistics, records and league points from matches
Pitch preparation Hourly Prepare pitches for matches starting within 3 days
Player fitness Every day at 01:05 and 13:05 Players recover fitness
Player training Every day at 23:30
Training report Sunday 02:00 Weekly training reports are generated
Finance updates Sunday 21:00 Weekly finance updates
League completion Every day at 00:10 Completed leagues are resolved
Prepare leagues Every day at 22:40 Set up leagues whose closing date has been reached
Player Draft Each season at 00:10 on the Sunday of week 1 and week 8 Draft new players for all teams
Player transfers Every hour Complete player auctions
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