Buying membership is a way of contributing both to the running of the site and the development of new features and functionality. You can purchase membership from your account page.

However, Cricket Championship is free-to-play. You don't have to pay anything in order to play.

Cricket Championship is also free-to-compete. Buying membership does not give you access to better players, better training or better performances. You will have as much chance of winning matches and leagues with or without membership.

So, what do you get if you do buy membership? Apart from the warm, fuzzy feeling of satisfaction that you are contributing to making the game better and better? Members will get earlier access to some of the new features that we introduce to the site. Member features might include new statistics, new match formats or new display options. They will hopefully make the game better but they will never make your team better. All member-only features will become available to everyone after a period of time however at any time there will always be some member-only features.

You can see a list of the current member-only features.

You can purchase membership from your account page.

Two teams

The only feature exclusively available to members is the ability to manage a second team. Members can create a second team from their account page.

If you create a second team you can switch between your two teams on your account page. When you have switched to a team all the actions you perform will be for that team. If you bid on players in the transfer market, apply to leagues or arrange friendlies then team you have selected will be the one who bids, applies or has a friendly.

If your membership expires you will no longer be able to actively manage your second team. After a year of having no membership that team will be come unmanaged. If you renew your membership within a year you will be able to continue to manage your second team.

You can arrange matches between your two teams. You cannot, however, have your two teams in the same league division or transfer players between your two teams.

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