Match conditions

The pitch that a match is played on and the weather conditions that a match is played in both have a considerable affect on the match itself. You can view the pitch and weather conditions for a match from the left menu for the match. Pitch and weather conditions can only be viewed from 3 days before the match starts.

The weather

The weather conditions are represented by Wind, Cloud, Temperature and Humidity. They have the follow effects:

Windy conditions are more tiring for players. The wind can also make swing bowlers harder to play and can assist with spinners flighting the ball.
Cloudy conditions make it easier to swing the ball.
The hotter the temperature the quicker players tire out during matches. Also, in hotter conditions the pitch becomes worn and cracked more quickly.
Humid conditions are more tiring for players. Humidity also helps the ball to swing and in humid conditions the pitch becomes worn and cracked less quickly.

The pitch

Pitch conditions are represented by Bounce, Bounce variation, Pace, Grass, Wear and Cracking. They have the following effects:

Bouncy pitches help bowlers, particularly seam bowlers.
Bounce variation
When there is variation in bounce from a pitch it makes batting harder.
When pitch is fast the ball comes nicely onto the bat and makes batting easier. When the pitch is slow the ball stops on the pitch and makes batting harder.
Green, grassy, pitches are more receptive to seam bowling and the ball will move more off the seam. It is also harder to spinners to get the ball to turn on green wickets.
As a pitch becomes more worn it benefits the bowlers. Spin bowlers will get much more turn from a worn pitch.
As a pitch becomes more cracked it benefits the bowlers. Faster bowlers will benefit particularly from the ball behaving unpredictably when it hits cracks.

Preparing pitches

You can prepare pitches at your home ground for matches played there. There is an option on the match page for forthcoming matches to allow you to set the pitch preparation. This can only be done more than 3 days before the match takes place. The earlier you set what kind of pitch you want the more likely your groundsman will be able to prepare the kind of pitch you have asked for.

Default pitches

You can set a default pitch preparation for your home ground. You can also set default pitch preparations for each of the leagues you play in and the various competition types from your team's defaults page.

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