League competitions

Cricket Championship provides leagues for teams to compete in. Leagues can contain between 2 and 8 teams and each team plays each other team in the league twice (once at their ground and once at the other team's ground).

Entering a league

When you join

When you sign up to play Cricket Championship you can choose to play in a first class and/or a one day league (or you can choose not to join a league and join one yourself later). Leagues for new teams are called starter leagues and cannot be entered by established teams. Starter leagues run in parallel with the official leagues and when a starter league finishes the teams are automatically entered into the corresponding official league.

When you have already signed up

You can find a league to enter using the Leagues option on the Search page or from the link on your team page. You can enter a league providing it is in the state 'Accepting'. To apply to a league click on the name of the league to view the league's details. You can then apply to play in the league using the 'Apply to league' button. Some leagues allow you to specify the start time for your home matches. You can do this by selecting a time using the date control next to the button.

Applications to play in a league are processed on a first come, first served basis. Some leagues restrict the teams which will be accepted based on the ranking of the team at the time the league applications are processed. Any team which has fixtures already arranged (including friendly fixtures) will not have their application to play in a league accepted.

If a league has too few teams (less than three quarters) which are accepted to play the league will be cancelled.

League points

You score points for winning, drawing and tying league matches and for your batting and bowling performances in the first innings of a match. Batting points are scored for exceeding certain run totals. Bowling points are scored for taking specified numbers of opposition wickets. Batting and bowling bonus points are only awarded for runs scored and wickets taken in the first 110 overs of each team's first innings. The amount of points scored are outlined on the league's information page.

If two teams have an equal number of points the number of matches won, then matches tied, then matches drawn, then net run rate are used to distinguish between the two teams. If the teams are still level then the higher placed team is chosen randomly.

Prize money

At the end of a league prize money is awarded to the teams based on the ranking of teams that have participated in the league and, if the league is part of a larger league structure, where in the structure that league is.

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