Knockout competitions

Users can create knockout tournaments or cups for teams to compete in. These have multiple rounds with teams winning a fixture progressing to the next round.

Entering a knockout

You can find a knockout to enter using the Knockouts option on the Search page or from the link on your team page. You can enter a knockout providing it is in the state 'Accepting'. To apply to a knockout tournament click on the name of the knockout to view the tournament's details. You can then apply to play in the knockout using the 'Apply to knockout' button. Some knockouts allow you to specify the start time for your home matches. You can do this by selecting a time using the date control next to the button.

Applications to play in a knockout are processed on a first come, first served basis. Some knockouts restrict the teams which will be accepted based on the ranking of the team at the time the knockout applications are processed. Any team which has fixtures already arranged (including friendly fixtures) will not have their application to play in a knockout accepted.

If a knockout has too few teams which are accepted to play the knockout will be cancelled.

Tied matches

If a match finishes in a tie then the winner is chosen by tossing a coin.

Prize money

At the end of a knockout tournament prize money is awarded depending on which stage of the tournament they reached. The total amount of prize money availables is based on the ranking of teams that have participated in the knockout.

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