Commissioning a knockout

Each Cricket Championship member can commission knockout tournaments. You can view a list of the knockout tournaments you have commissioned from your account page and you can commission a new knockout tournament using the left menu option on that page.

You can only commission a knockout tournament when you have no other active knockout tournament commissioned. A knockout tournament is considered active when it is accepting applicants or when it is in progress.

You do not have to play in a knockout tournament you commission. In fact you must apply to your own knockout tournament if you do want to play. The commissioner's team's application is always processed first so, provided you meet the knockout tournament entry requirements, you will always be able to play in your own knockout tournament if you want to.

Initially, you can set the various options on the knockout tournament and save it. You can then actually create the knockout tournament from the knockout tournament's page. You can also choose to edit the options you have saved.

Tournament options

The name of the knockout tournament.
Number of teams
You can specify a minimum and a maximum number of teams which can play in the knockout tournament. If the minimum number of teams is not met the knockout tournament will be cancelled. If the maximum number is exceeded then not all teams that apply will be able to play in the knockout tournament.
Earliest and latest start times
You can specify the earliest and latest time of day that teams in the knockout tournament can choose for their home matches to start. If the earliest and latest options are set to the same time then the start time for the knockout tournament matches is always the chosen value.
Team ratings
You can specify the minimum and maximum ratings for teams to play in the knockout tournament. The rating used is the rating on the closing date for applications. If a team does not meet the requirements for a knockout tournament then their application will not be accepted.
Applications close
The closing date for applications to the knockout tournament. This is also when applications are processed and fixtures generated for the knockout tournament if at least the minimum number of teams successfully apply to play.
First match
This is the date of the first round of matches. Matches always start on the same day so this will also determine the start day for all matches.
You can choose any limited over competition type.
Invitation only
You can specify whether you want any team to be able to apply to play in the knockout tournament or whether only teams that you explicitly invite to the team should be allowed to apply to play.

Recommissioning a knockout tournament

When you recommission a knockout tournament that has already been played you can more teams to the knockout tournament. Tournaments that have been cancelled cannot be recommissioned.

Cancelling a knockout tournament

If a knockout tournament has not yet started and it has no teams applied to play you can cancel the knockout tournament. There is a "Cancel" button at the bottom of the knockout tournament page. You can remove applications to the knockout tournament from the "View applicants" list of teams.