You can arrange friendly matches by using the friendly broker or by challenging other teams. There must always be 4 hours between a match finishing and another match starting. If you only have a short time between matches then your players may not have enough time to regain fitness in time for the later match.

Friendly broker

You can arrange friendly matches using the Friendly Broker which is linked to on the matches page for your team and on your team page. You can choose what type of match you want to play and which day you would like the match to take place on or start depending on how long the match is. You can also restrict the start time and the rating of your opponent. The friendly broker will then generate a friendly fixture for you if there is another team who wants to play a friendly and your criteria match. If there is no other matching team then your request will wait for another team to make a request for a friendly until the day you requested.

If there are already teams looking for a friendly with a team like yours then these potential friendlies are displayed. You can click on the green tick next to these potential matches to set the options in the friendly broker to match those of the potential match.

System managed teams

When you request a friendly you can choose whether you will allow a system managed team to accept the friendly request. System managed teams are weaker than user managed teams but they are less choosy about when they play their games. System managed teams will only accept a request for a friendly the day before the request expires. This is to allow user managed teams a chance to accept the request first. A system managed team will never accept a request for the same day.

Cancelling a request

If you already have already made a friendly request you can cancel it from the same Friendly Broker page.

League fixtures and friendlies

When a league's fixtures are generated any outstanding friendly requests for the teams in the league are deleted. This is to prevent a friendly fixture clashing with a league fixture.


You can challenge other managed teams to a friendly at a time that suits you. There is a link to challenge a team on their team page. This will take you to a page where you can choose a competition, date and time for the friendly match and choose which ground the match will be played at.

You cannot challenge a team when there are matches for either team that would clash with the proposed match time. Also, you can only have a maximum of 5 challenges in effect at any one time.

You can see the challenges made and received by your team by following the 'Challenges' link in the left menu for your team's page.

System managed teams will always accept a challenge if they don't already have a match. You can find system managed teams using Search then Team. You can only play one match each day against a system managed team.

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