Drafting new players

Twice each season in Cricket Championship there is a draft of new players.

In the draft all the new young players that are available to join teams are allocated to a team. Teams get to pick a player from the pool of young players in turn.

There are two kinds of draft: a ranked draft and a random draft. The ranked draft takes place at the start of the season and the random draft happens half way through the season.

In the ranked draft the lower the first class and one day rating of a team the earlier they get to pick a player. The order is based on both the ratings of the teams and the number of matches they have won to achieve those ratings. For example, teams that don't play first class matches will only have their one day rating considered. Teams that play one friendly one day match per season will be considered almost totally on their first class rating. If a team played a mixture of one day and first class matches but lost all their one day matches then only their first class ranking would be taken into consideration.

Teams who have played five matches or fewer get the latest picks based on when they were registered.

In a random draft the order that teams get to choose their draft pick is random. However, very new teams who haven't played a match yet do still get the last picks in the random draft.

The draft is processed automatically; you do not have to choose a player from a list of players. Instead you will get the best available player matching your requirements when your pick is resolved.

The best player available is determined by the player with the highest match fee.

Picking a player

To indicate which sort of player you would prefer to draft go to the Draft page linked from the left-hand menu for your team. Here you can choose in order or priority whether you would prefer to draft a batsman, a wicket keeper, an all rounder, a bowler or any combination of these types of player. You can also specify whether, if you pick a bowler or all rounder, you would prefer a spinner or a seamer.

Your player's name will be generated according to the country your team is based in.

Why didn't I get the type of player I picked?

There are only limited numbers of each type of player. When it comes to your pick it is possible that all the players of the type you wanted have already been drafted. In this case you will be allocated the best available player of all the other types.

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