Chakwal Champs Records for One day (50 over) competition

Highest team score

417 Karachi Kings CC innings 24 Jun 2017 Karachi Kings CC vs Madras cricket club stadium
398/7 Arab Shaheens innings 21 Sep 2020 Ertugrul Ghazis vs Arab Shaheens
396/6 Chakwal Champs innings 01 Mar 2021 Rex united vs Chakwal Champs
395/6 Karachi Kings CC innings 23 Apr 2017 Karachi Kings CC vs Hulme XI
392/3 Karachi Kings CC innings 01 Jul 2017 Tayeb CC vs Karachi Kings CC

Lowest team score

29 Arab Shaheens innings 22 Aug 2020 Unprofessionals vs Arab Shaheens
36 Arab Shaheens innings 29 Aug 2020 Arab Shaheens vs Team Pakistan.
40 Arab Shaheens innings 06 Sep 2020 SAHARA PUNE WARRIORS vs Arab Shaheens
42 Arab Shaheens innings 05 Sep 2020 Arab Shaheens vs Temporary Kickers
43 Karachi Kings CC innings 29 Apr 2017 Karachi Kings CC vs Pakistan Shaheens

Highest individual score

194* B.K.G. Cunneen 28 Sep 2020 Arab Shaheens innings Arab Shaheens vs Ertugrul Ghazis
183 B.R. Mason 01 Jul 2017 Karachi Kings CC innings Tayeb CC vs Karachi Kings CC
177 D.H. Eathorne 16 Jun 2019 Arab Shaheens innings Arab Shaheens vs Pompei CC
163* D.H. Eathorne 08 Sep 2019 Arab Shaheens innings Arab Shaheens vs FrEaKiNg ElEvEn
160* P. Drew 17 May 2017 Karachi Kings CC innings allen vs Karachi Kings CC

Best bowling (innings)

4/10 J.K. McLachlan 07 May 2017 Richards XI innings Karachi Kings CC vs Richards XI
7/9 J.K. McLachlan 09 Dec 2017 Wonga Park innings Karachi Kings CC vs Wonga Park
10/9 W.S. Mann 12 May 2019 Open Rushers VIZAG innings Arab Shaheens vs Open Rushers VIZAG
19/7 B.R. Mason 13 May 2017 Tayeb10 CC innings Karachi Kings CC vs Tayeb10 CC
21/6 J. Paterson 06 Apr 2019 ST PAUL CC innings Arab Shaheens vs ST PAUL CC
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