Played matches

21 January 2020 05:00vs Western Knights at Circus Maxim (CC Asia) In progress
20 January 2020vs Anning Cricket Club at Anning Cricket Club CG (Friendly (50 over)) Won by 8 wickets
19 January 2020vs Sheepshanks XI at Sheepshanks XI Bowl (Friendly (50 over)) Won by 2 wickets
19 January 2020vs TARKSHYA at Circus Maxim (CC Asia (50 overs)) Won by 40 runs
14 January 2020vs Bumphrey & Dinkus's Blimin Fantabulous XI at Circus Maxim (CC Asia) Draw
12 January 2020vs Freaking Eleven 2 at Makka (CC Asia (50 overs)) Won by 9 wickets
07 January 2020vs The Ducklings at The Little Puddle (CC Asia) Draw
06 January 2020vs Conn XI at Conn XI CG (Friendly (50 over)) Won by 10 wickets
05 January 2020vs Seib CC at Seib CC Bowl (Friendly (50 over)) Won by 7 wickets
04 January 2020vs Dorsington CC at Dorsington Rec (Friendly (50 over)) Won by 4 wickets