Runs Lola Runs

Played matches

20 August 2019 10:00vs Castle CC at Castle CG (CC Europe) In progress
19 August 2019vs Wabbits CC at Argana Park (2nd XI league) Lost by 1 wicket
13 August 2019vs The Alliance at New Freedom Arena (CC Europe) Draw
12 August 2019vs The Lannisters at Casterly Rock (2nd XI league) Lost by 58 runs
10 August 2019vs Sowden Cricket Club at Sowden Cricket Club CG (Friendly (50 over)) Won by 9 wickets
06 August 2019vs The Mighty Mighty Ducks at The Mighty Mighty Pond (CC Europe) Draw
05 August 2019vs Test Match Specialists at The Michael Vaughan Oval (Friendly (50 over)) Lost by 142 runs
05 August 2019vs Valleys C.C. at The Tom Tykwer Oval (2nd XI league) Won by 7 wickets
30 July 2019vs India A at The Tom Tykwer Oval (CC Europe) Draw
29 July 2019vs RajendraRoyals at MUMBAIR (2nd XI league) Won by 49 runs