The Beers

Played matches

20 Sep 2020vs Gloucester Won by 7 runs
19 Sep 2020vs The Mighty Mighty Ducks Lost by 5 wickets
15 Sep 2020vs Chudleigh Expats CC Won by 138 runs
14 Sep 2020at Elverham CC Lost by 6 wickets
13 Sep 2020at Chudleigh Expats CC Won by 126 runs
12 Sep 2020at Leaps' Losers Lost by 6 wickets
08 Sep 2020vs Hounds of Shadow Won by 249 runs
07 Sep 2020at Glen Iris Greats Lost by 7 wickets
06 Sep 2020vs Green Valley Eagles Lost by 60 runs
05 Sep 2020at Barygaza CC Lost by 150 runs