The Ducklings

Played matches

20 August 2019vs 0 Circle Champs at Chikuwadi Cricket Ground. (CC Asia) Lost by 10 wickets
19 August 2019vs The Mighty Mighty Ducks at The Little Puddle (2nd XI league) Won by 116 runs
18 August 2019vs Jhai Fi Fi at The Little Puddle (CC Asia (50 overs)) Won by 122 runs
17 August 2019vs Braves at DEN (The Mighty Mighty Saturday Cup) Won by 82 runs
13 August 2019vs The Day Dreamers at The Little Puddle (CC Asia) Won by an innings and 1 run
12 August 2019vs Elverham CC at Flamewood Oval (2nd XI league) Lost by 7 wickets
11 August 2019vs Nudgers at Circus Maxim (CC Asia (50 overs)) Won by 47 runs
10 August 2019vs Carlyon Cavaliers at The Little Puddle (The Mighty Mighty Saturday Cup) Won by 5 wickets
06 August 2019vs Apprentice Billy Goats at The Little Puddle (CC Asia) Lost by 153 runs
05 August 2019vs Penfield CC at Argana Park No 2 (2nd XI league) Won by 6 wickets