Wakefield Warriors CC

Played matches

15 Nov 2015vs Lichfield c.c Lost by 49 runs
10 Nov 2015at Martins CC Draw
08 Nov 2015vs Barrackpore Fc Won by 2 wickets
03 Nov 2015vs Lichfield c.c Lost by 148 runs
01 Nov 2015vs the bosses Lost by 9 wickets
27 Oct 2015at Kuddingfield CC Lost by 2 runs
25 Oct 2015vs Son Of Pitches 11 Lost by 5 wickets
20 Oct 2015vs Wobblers Lost by 170 runs
18 Oct 2015at Wobblers Lost by 117 runs
13 Oct 2015vs KingsDen Lost by 267 runs
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