Played matches

02 June 2019vs The Light Beers at The Foxhole (CC Oceania (50 overs)) Won by 7 wickets
28 May 2019vs Blood n’ Tars at The Foxhole (CC Oceania) Lost by 6 wickets
26 May 2019vs Carlyon Cavaliers at Carlyon CG (CC Oceania (50 overs)) Won by 9 wickets
21 May 2019vs Valleys C.C. at Neumann Oval (CC Oceania) Won by 9 wickets
19 May 2019vs Melbourne Ducks at MDCG (CC Oceania (50 overs)) Lost by 15 runs
14 May 2019vs Middle Stump Lubricators at Open CG (CC Oceania) Lost by 473 runs
12 May 2019vs Bay City Heavy Rollers at Dirk Wellham Park (CC Oceania (50 overs)) Lost by 42 runs
07 May 2019vs The Paul Nobes All-Stars at The Cornes Toyota Car Park (CC Oceania) Won by 6 wickets
05 May 2019vs Midhirst CC at The Foxhole (CC Oceania (50 overs)) Won by 10 wickets
30 April 2019vs Hegemony at The Foxhole (CC Oceania) Won by 8 wickets