Corleone Cricket Club

Played matches

03 Aug 2021 05:00at Blitzkrieg Warriors In progress
02 Aug 2021vs Dream City Cricket Association Won by 104 runs
01 Aug 2021at Braves Won by 8 wickets
31 Jul 2021vs Braves Lost by 10 wickets
27 Jul 2021at Indian super stars Lost by 5 wickets
26 Jul 2021at Rockstar Gangs Lost by 10 wickets
25 Jul 2021vs Jksc Won by 6 wickets
24 Jul 2021at Rocketown Rebels Won by 36 runs
20 Jul 2021at Crazystars XI Lost by 7 wickets
19 Jul 2021at Yorkshire CCC Lost by 7 wickets
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