Scared Shotless

Played matches

02 Jan 2022vs Peshawar Pigs Won by 7 wickets
26 Dec 2021vs Soldiers Hill Lost by 10 wickets
19 Dec 2021at Little India CC Won by 6 wickets
15 Dec 2021vs Cestrians Lost by 6 wickets
13 Dec 2021vs West Manchester CC Won by 69 runs
12 Dec 2021at Bögra starz Lost by 33 runs
08 Dec 2021at Bartlett CC Won by 24 runs
06 Dec 2021vs Bay City Heavy Rollers Lost by 9 wickets
05 Dec 2021at Deep Sea Lightning Lost by 8 wickets
01 Dec 2021at Howzatt 11 Lost by 10 wickets
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