Goulburn Valley Cows

Played matches

19 Oct 2020vs Prestige Won by 10 wickets
18 Oct 2020at Dumbledore's Army Won by 7 wickets
17 Oct 2020vs Heuir XI Won by 5 wickets
17 Oct 2020at Blood, Sweat n' Beers Won by 5 wickets
15 Oct 2020at The WildCats Won by 175 runs
14 Oct 2020vs Huntsbury Raiders Won by 111 runs
13 Oct 2020vs Savage XI Won by 9 wickets
13 Oct 2020vs Jharkhand Burnlights Won by 8 wickets
12 Oct 2020vs Cestrians Won by 215 runs
11 Oct 2020vs Nerker Won by 10 wickets
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