Extra Silly Square Legs

Played matches

01 Aug 2020vs ODD DOWN DYNAMITES Lost by 52 runs
26 Jul 2020vs Chilton Baston CC Lost by 9 wickets
25 Jul 2020at The Warriors Won by 88 runs
21 Jul 2020at Gloucester Lost by 398 runs
19 Jul 2020at Venturers Lost by 9 wickets
18 Jul 2020vs Maritzburg College XI Won by 16 runs
14 Jul 2020vs Chudleigh Expats CC Lost by an innings and 232 runs
12 Jul 2020vs Zihuatanejo CC Won by 65 runs
11 Jul 2020vs Surya CC Lost by 6 wickets
07 Jul 2020vs ThePakiChamps Lost by 261 runs