Played matches

21 July 2019vs Green Valley Eagles at Swann Stadium (CC Oceania (50 overs)) Won by 6 wickets
20 July 2019vs Dusty Track CC at Mugba Oval (New Penultimate League) Won by 162 runs
16 July 2019vs Test Match Specialists at The Michael Vaughan Oval (CC Oceania) Won by 5 wickets
14 July 2019vs Dockeroos at Mugba Oval (CC Oceania (50 overs)) Lost by 76 runs
13 July 2019vs Hounds of Shadow at Mugba Oval (New Penultimate League) Won by 63 runs
09 July 2019vs Deep Sea Lightning at The Hurricane (CC Oceania) Lost by 339 runs
07 July 2019vs Too short for Chess at The Chess Board (CC Oceania (50 overs)) Won by 8 wickets
06 July 2019vs Glen Iris Greats at Ferndale Park (New Penultimate League) Won by 1 wicket
02 July 2019vs ThePakiChamps at Mugba Oval (CC Oceania) Lost by 144 runs
30 June 2019vs Wabbits CC at Argana Park (CC Oceania (50 overs)) Lost by 9 runs