Played matches

29 September 2014vs STORM SHADOWS at THE ANDREWS STADIUM (Friendly (50 over)) Lost by 45 runs
28 September 2014vs Spinal tappers at THE ANDREWS STADIUM (CC Europe (50 overs) starter) Won by 8 wickets
23 September 2014vs army of ants at fosse road (CC Europe starter) Draw
21 September 2014vs Benauds CC at Weetwood (CC Europe (50 overs) starter) Won by 179 runs
19 September 2014vs Malix XI at Malix Home (Friendly (50 over)) Won by 39 runs
16 September 2014vs Centurions CC at Toronto CG (CC Europe starter) Won by 356 runs
15 September 2014vs Runs Lola Runs at fosse road (Friendly (50 over)) Lost by 236 runs
14 September 2014vs Cavaliers at Quicken Park (CC Europe (50 overs) starter) Lost by 7 wickets
13 September 2014vs West Torrens cc at fosse road (Friendly (50 over)) Lost by 9 wickets
09 September 2014vs mobi drones ck at mobi loyal stadium (CC Europe starter) Lost by 66 runs