Played matches

24 June 2019vs Moorehead CC at Leyghton Park (World Championship) Won by 90 runs
23 June 2019vs Thorpe Tarsiers at THE ANDREWS STADIUM (CC Europe (50 overs)) Lost by 6 wickets
18 June 2019vs Cricket Inc B-Grade at THE ANDREWS STADIUM (CC Europe) Lost by an innings and 267 runs
17 June 2019vs Blinding Blizzards at Mt Vernon Oval (World Championship) Won by 2 wickets
16 June 2019vs The Alliance at New Freedom Arena (CC Europe (50 overs)) Won by 8 runs
11 June 2019vs Thorpe Tarsiers at The Tavern (CC Europe) Won by 5 wickets
10 June 2019vs Temporary Kickers at THE ANDREWS STADIUM (World Championship) Won by 342 runs
03 June 2019vs Baston Chilton CC at THE ANDREWS STADIUM (World Championship) Won by 210 runs
02 June 2019vs Mathematics Masters at The home of Mathematics (CC Europe (50 overs)) Lost by 5 wickets
28 May 2019vs Numpty Goldfish at The Goldfish Bowl (CC Europe) Won by 7 wickets