Ferocious Blasters

Played matches

27 Nov 2020vs Larwoods Eleven Won by 364 runs
24 Nov 2020at Rocketown Rebels Lost by 5 wickets
23 Nov 2020at Arbroath CC Won by 38 runs
22 Nov 2020vs Renegades CC Lost by 5 wickets
21 Nov 2020vs The Mighty Mighty Ducks Lost by 8 wickets
17 Nov 2020vs Wickramasinghe CC Won by an innings and 720 runs
17 Nov 2020vs Gojra Gladiators Won by 10 wickets
16 Nov 2020at Leaper's Creepers Won by 6 wickets
16 Nov 2020vs Anderson XI Won by 7 wickets
13 Nov 2020vs Summerton CC Won by 695 runs
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