Amateurs' CC

Played matches

20 Oct 2020vs FlyingBTUkInd Lost by an innings and 29 runs
19 Oct 2020at Elverham CC Won by 51 runs
18 Oct 2020vs Deep Dynamos Lost by 10 runs
17 Oct 2020at Hanumat Sai Warriors Lost by 91 runs
13 Oct 2020at Star XI Kolkata Won by 6 wickets
12 Oct 2020vs Adensty Destroyers Won by 10 wickets
11 Oct 2020at Manchester United Club Lost by 65 runs
10 Oct 2020vs Chudleigh Choppers CC Lost by 92 runs
06 Oct 2020at The Commoners Lost by 371 runs
05 Oct 2020vs The Beers Won by 9 wickets
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