Carlyon Cavaliers

Played matches

20 Oct 2020 00:00vs Barygaza CC In progress
19 Oct 2020at ClintEssentials CC Won by 8 wickets
18 Oct 2020at Dockeroos Lost by 54 runs
17 Oct 2020at Leaps' Losers Lost by 37 runs
13 Oct 2020at Atkinson Lost by 89 runs
12 Oct 2020at Zihuatanejo CC Won by 212 runs
11 Oct 2020at Greendale CC Won by 68 runs
10 Oct 2020at Wanderers XI Lost by 5 wickets
06 Oct 2020vs Midhirst CC Lost by 8 runs
05 Oct 2020vs Chudleigh Choppers CC Lost by 6 wickets
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