Played matches

15 September 2019vs The Day Dreamers at Prestige CC (CC Asia (50 overs)) Lost by 56 runs
14 September 2019vs Sheikh's XI at Sheikh's Battle Field (CHAMPIONS LEAGUE-17) Won by 6 wickets
10 September 2019vs Rockstar Gangs at Gangs CG (CC Asia) Draw
09 September 2019vs Welsh Warriors at Prestige CC (Calypso Kings Cup) Lost by 5 wickets
08 September 2019vs Jhai Fi Fi at Xxx Arena (CC Asia (50 overs)) Won by 9 wickets
07 September 2019vs Goulburn Valley Cows at The Farm (CHAMPIONS LEAGUE-17) Lost by 8 wickets
03 September 2019vs Indian National Cricket Team at Earth X (CC Asia) Won by an innings and 5 runs
02 September 2019vs Braves at DEN (Calypso Kings Cup) Lost by 6 wickets
01 September 2019vs The Ducklings at The Little Puddle (CC Asia (50 overs)) Lost by 13 runs
31 August 2019vs Rockstar Gangs at Prestige CC (CHAMPIONS LEAGUE-17) Won by 46 runs