Green Valley Eagles

Played matches

27 Jul 2021 00:15at Wabbits CC In progress
26 Jul 2021vs Rocketown Rebels Won by 47 runs
25 Jul 2021at Glen Valley C.C. Won by 3 wickets
20 Jul 2021at Anti-Inertia Won by 217 runs
18 Jul 2021vs The Beers Lost by 3 wickets
13 Jul 2021at Dockeroos Won by an innings and 279 runs
12 Jul 2021vs Rocketown Rebels Won by 117 runs
11 Jul 2021at Anti-Inertia Lost by 4 wickets
06 Jul 2021vs Billy Goats Won by an innings and 143 runs
04 Jul 2021vs Dockeroos Lost by 51 runs
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