Jiggins Cricket Club

Played matches

31 Jul 2022vs Bathurst Colts Lost by 9 wickets
24 Jul 2022at Bower Won by 6 wickets
17 Jul 2022vs Bartley Rangers Lost by 9 wickets
10 Jul 2022at Christian Victor Cricket Club Won by 9 wickets
03 Jul 2022at Waugh's X1 Lost by 10 wickets
26 Jun 2022vs Lahore Legends Lost by 7 wickets
19 Jun 2022vs Parkana Tigers Lost by 196 runs
12 Jun 2022at Bathurst Colts Lost by 359 runs
05 Jun 2022vs Bower Lost by 26 runs
29 May 2022at Bartley Rangers Lost by 10 wickets
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