Played matches

28 Sep 2021 09:30vs Team Pakistan. In progress
25 Sep 2021at Crimson Tide Won by 29 runs
19 Sep 2021at The Sarah Taylor Fan Club Lost by 7 wickets
14 Sep 2021at free state Knights Lost by 6 wickets
13 Sep 2021vs Elverham CC Won by 4 wickets
12 Sep 2021vs faisal12faisal Won by 5 runs
11 Sep 2021at Bay City Heavy Rollers Won by 6 wickets
07 Sep 2021at Croydon Spaceport Lost by 10 wickets
05 Sep 2021at Gallowbank Won by 8 wickets
04 Sep 2021at Chappal Souls Won by 115 runs
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