Burdekin Toads

Played matches

22 Jun 2021at Goldstars CC Lost by 9 wickets
20 Jun 2021at Birkenhead Cricket Club Lost by 10 wickets
19 Jun 2021vs Blazing Indians Won by 107 runs
18 Jun 2021at Steve Top IX Lost by 8 wickets
15 Jun 2021vs The Maniacs Lost by 30 runs
13 Jun 2021vs Lelouch Lost by 8 wickets
12 Jun 2021vs Effortless Return Return Tie
11 Jun 2021at The Farce Side CC Lost by 10 wickets
10 Jun 2021at Cravendale Lost by 8 wickets
08 Jun 2021at Time Travelling Circus Lost by 8 wickets
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