Screaming Demons

Played matches

19 Jan 2021 09:30vs Frome Cricket Club In progress
18 Jan 2021at Croesy CC Lost by 6 wickets
17 Jan 2021vs Dalrymple Cricket Club Won by 8 wickets
12 Jan 2021at Roman Bonecrushers Lost by an innings and 431 runs
11 Jan 2021vs Dhaka Sixers Won by 7 wickets
10 Jan 2021at The Riddlers Lost by 21 runs
05 Jan 2021at Glasgow Askeans CC Lost by 413 runs
03 Jan 2021at Mansfield Won by 7 wickets
29 Dec 2020at Aycers Lost by an innings and 661 runs
28 Dec 2020vs The Sons of Pitches Lost by 8 wickets
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