Maritzburg College XI

Played matches

12 Oct 2020vs Howzatt 11 Won by 9 wickets
05 Oct 2020at TARKSHYA Won by 3 wickets
28 Sep 2020at Guyana Warriors Lost by 50 runs
22 Sep 2020vs Gorkha Legends Won by 162 runs
21 Sep 2020vs SACHIN101 Lost by 26 runs
15 Sep 2020vs Dreamers Nepal Won by 6 wickets
14 Sep 2020at Corleone Cricket Club Lost by 5 runs
08 Sep 2020vs Royal Eagles XI Won by 9 wickets
07 Sep 2020vs Fresh Starz Won by 8 wickets
01 Sep 2020at Jharkhand Burnlights Won by 34 runs
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