Dhaka dynamites

Played matches

02 Jul 2022vs Coorg Vipers CC Won by 59 runs
28 Jun 2022at Booths Boiz Lost by 136 runs
26 Jun 2022vs West Ryde Tigers CC Won by 86 runs
25 Jun 2022at Double Ton Lost by 77 runs
21 Jun 2022vs Double Ton Lost by 87 runs
19 Jun 2022at HURT IOD Won by 169 runs
18 Jun 2022at Chilton Baston CC Lost by 189 runs
14 Jun 2022vs Braveheart Rebels Won by 6 wickets
12 Jun 2022at Indian Legends Lost by 9 wickets
11 Jun 2022vs SHARP TIGERS Won by 165 runs
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