Jamshedpur Burnlights

Played matches

28 Sep 2021 05:00vs Finchampstead CC In progress
27 Sep 2021at Fresh Starz Won by 3 wickets
25 Sep 2021at Richmond Tigers 171920 CC Won by 7 wickets
24 Sep 2021at Vikings Lost by 98 runs
21 Sep 2021at UdeshiXI Lost by 8 wickets
20 Sep 2021at Isle of Wight CC Lost by 98 runs
19 Sep 2021vs lahore lighting Won by 175 runs
18 Sep 2021at Pompei CC Lost by 95 runs
14 Sep 2021vs Karthik163 Won by 151 runs
13 Sep 2021vs Merthyr Greens Lost by 20 runs
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