Khant Cricket Club

Played matches

02 Jul 2022vs StanleyCC Won by 9 wickets
28 Jun 2022at Merthyr Greens Lost by 10 wickets
26 Jun 2022at Speed Demons Lost by 10 wickets
25 Jun 2022at Doolee's Mauritian Maulers Lost by 142 runs
21 Jun 2022at Isotopes Lost by 7 wickets
19 Jun 2022at Bailey Park Won by 7 wickets
18 Jun 2022vs Anti-Inertia Lost by 26 runs
14 Jun 2022vs Master Blasters CC Lost by 332 runs
12 Jun 2022at Shocking Debut Lost by 5 wickets
11 Jun 2022at Too short for Chess Won by 3 wickets
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