Upper South Rangers

Played matches

24 Jun 2019vs Kreative Generation Won by 105 runs
22 Jun 2019at NZJustin CC Won by 27 runs
17 Jun 2019at The Roger Twose Experience Lost by 8 wickets
15 Jun 2019vs Ryhope CC Lost by 157 runs
10 Jun 2019vs Bay City Heavy Rollers Lost by 9 wickets
08 Jun 2019vs Excalibur Won by 5 wickets
03 Jun 2019at Blood n’ Tars Lost by 8 wickets
02 Jun 2019vs Crimson Tide Lost by 7 wickets
01 Jun 2019vs Dead Walkers Lost by 34 runs
28 May 2019vs Ellerbeck CC Won by an innings and 203 runs
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