Heavy Miss Emma

Played matches

12 Nov 2016vs Onetangi Orcas Lost by 8 wickets
08 Nov 2016vs Peshawar Pirates Lost by 9 wickets
05 Nov 2016vs Rocky Bay Rangers Lost by 76 runs
04 Nov 2016vs The Dutch Courage Lost by 3 wickets
30 Oct 2016at Little Zorro CC Won by 102 runs
29 Oct 2016vs Fake Plastic Trees CC Lost by 53 runs
25 Oct 2016at JOGI WARRIORS Won by 256 runs
23 Oct 2016at Union Strikers Lost by 6 wickets
22 Oct 2016vs Classic Giants Lost by 8 wickets
18 Oct 2016at Redfox CC Won by 135 runs
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