Heavy Miss Emma

Played matches

18 Jul 2021vs Peshawar Pigs Won by 6 wickets
17 Jul 2021vs Fresh Starz Lost by 189 runs
13 Jul 2021vs Isle of Wight CC Won by 5 wickets
12 Jul 2021at Bantfu Lost by 203 runs
11 Jul 2021vs Honley CC Lost by 16 runs
10 Jul 2021vs Muhammadi XI Won by 5 wickets
06 Jul 2021at Elverham CC Lost by 8 wickets
05 Jul 2021vs StanleyCC Lost by 42 runs
04 Jul 2021at Goldstars CC Won by 7 wickets
03 Jul 2021at TABS CC Won by 10 wickets
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