Heavy Miss Emma

Played matches

22 Jun 2021 09:30at Auditors of Reality In progress
21 Jun 2021at Shocking Debut Lost by 237 runs
20 Jun 2021at PGP CC Won by 8 wickets
19 Jun 2021vs THE PART TIMERS Won by 8 wickets
15 Jun 2021at Renegades CC Lost by 192 runs
14 Jun 2021vs West Manchester CC Lost by 7 wickets
12 Jun 2021vs Brixton Prison CC Lost by 4 wickets
07 Jun 2021at SSCC Won by 6 wickets
06 Jun 2021at SACHIN101 Lost by 71 runs
05 Jun 2021at Effortless Return Return Won by 8 wickets
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