Glen Iris Greats

Played matches

20 August 2019vs Melbourne Ducks at MDCG (CC Oceania) Lost by 142 runs
19 August 2019vs The Light Beers at Ferndale Park (2nd XI league) Won by 9 wickets
18 August 2019vs Apprentice Billy Goats at Ferndale Park (CC Oceania (50 overs)) Tie
17 August 2019vs Revolution at Ferndale Park (New Penultimate League) Lost by 5 runs
13 August 2019vs Khant Cricket Club at The Verge (CC Oceania) Won by 422 runs
12 August 2019vs The Mighty Mighty Ducks at Ferndale Park (2nd XI league) Lost by 6 wickets
11 August 2019vs Bowral Suns at Marvel Stadium (CC Oceania (50 overs)) Won by 7 wickets
10 August 2019vs Hounds of Shadow at Kurald Emurlahn (New Penultimate League) Lost by 5 wickets
06 August 2019vs Extra Silly Square Legs at Ballymore Oval (CC Oceania) Won by 223 runs
05 August 2019vs Honley CC at Far End Lane (2nd XI league) Won by 6 wickets