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Aagney Dabir Arora

Hudleston & Ump were watching the Cricket Inc 2nd XI struggle to keep a match alive while chasing. Arora was at the crease when Hudleston (the Cricket Inc batting coach) broke the silence, turned to Ump & said; "I just love to watch this young fella's footwork !"

Ump replied; "He's got a long way to go yet".

Picked up from the great CC club Cricket Inc. Arora's initial talent was hidden in the draft. He was picked up in the late 200's but like a hidden gem... surely has started to shine as his career has weathered.

Consistently he has performed in all levels of cricket and consistently he has trained and improved since draft. At 25 95b and 70f he has risen to be a top class performer at Div 1 level and has another 100 odd matches to add to his 3000 first-class runs at +49 and 3000 OD runs at plus 42 average by career end is going to have a healthy stats bank balance to show for his efforts.

At 33 and with plenty to offer another emerging club ADA is moving on. Finishing nestled well into the top 6 batsman our fine club has fielded says everything and more. Well done, lets hope the club that has bid on you can give you two or more seasons and you go out in style. Regardless your legacy at Dockeroos remains. A club legend and Life member.