J.L.B. Freemantle biographies Help

James Freemantle was acquired from SACHIN101 for $151k when he was 28 years old. The Glen Iris Greats had saved up a bit of money and decided to invest it in a strong bowler that could be a key player in the team's history, and that he is.

He was traded in during season 33, which the Greats were only part of a 3-team FC league and hence he only managed the 4 first class matches for the season to prove himself. He slotted right into the first XI due to his bowling rating which peaked at 92 (for quite some time too). In his first match, he managed bowling figures of 6/143 and 0/65 and 55 with the bat. His second match saw him get 6/155 and 3/71 as well as 38 and 55 runs. 3rd match: 1/83 and 6/124. These consecutive 6 wickets haul were already great feats, but in his 4th match and the final one of the league, he dominated. 4/100 in the first innings and 4/139 in the second innings were both solid contributions, but it was his efforts with the bat that were the highlight. Just a 64 bat, he managed 177* and then saw the end of the match with 29* in a match that turned the tides for the Greats, as it was the first match in a long time that we had more than 2 centuries in an innings and the first time we scored at least 600. As you would expect, he got man of the match for that match. In that season, his first for the club, he also won the overall mvp award in the Phantom League (the 4-match FC league).

Season 34 was a bit of a drop for Freo, only averaging 17 with the bat and a repectable 33 with the ball, although more was expected of him.

Season 35 was a brilliant one for him, taking 75 wickets at an incredible average of 15 and averaging 67 with the bat and earning the FC runner-up and bowling runner-up awards.

Season 36 was also an amazing one, taking 88 wickets @ 20 and averaging 35 with the bat and, more significantly, winning both the bowling and the overall MVP awards for CC Oceania tier 5. He also had an incredibly dominant match that will go down in the records book as one of the best performances ever against Cattleyard CC when he took a match total of 18 wickets for 143 runs, whilst the rest of the bowlers only managed 2/316 (he also scored 62 off 174). To this day, these figures the best ever bowling match figures and are 4 wickets clear of the 2nd best figures (which he also holds). If one was to look at the Greats' records page for first class, one would see that Freo holds the record for 8 of the 10 bowling awards, as well as 2 partnership records.

Although Freo is dominating in first class, he still struggles in the shorter form, averaging 37 with the ball and only having taken 4 4- or 5-wicket hauls. However, this won't stop Freo from going down as one of the legends of the club.

Club awards:

  • Season 34 OD runner-up
  • Season 35 FC runner-up
  • Season 35 FC bowling runner-up

He is "Bhuvneswar Kumar" of my team.