T.W. Heindricks biographies Bowler Help

Hendriks has been apart of the Toads outfit from the beginning of the Toads and has been a faithful servant of the team for many years. He batted 9 and bowled in the second change and occasionally opening. At the age of 29 and the end of season 44 he was told to find another team if he wishes to keep playing first class and ODI matches due to declining wickets and the new young drafted players being better than himself.

He played 70 firstclass games for the Toads taking 232 wickets at an average of 31.31. His best bowling of 7/34 and best bowling in the match of 9/118 are great figures showing the calibre of player that Hendriks is.

His batting was not the best to put it nicley he managed to scrape 357 runs together in 124 innings at an average of 3.05. But somehow managed to get a high score of 35.

He also played 105 ODI's for the toads taking 112 wickets at an average of 54.38. With his best bowling of 7/46 making a clear statement that he can be a two format player.

His batting was not to much better in the ODI's scraping 196 runs in 60 innings at an average of 4.08 and a high score of 18.

Overall the Toads are sad to see him leave but due to team preformance some tough decisions needed to be made and this was one of them. We wish Hendricks luck with his future endevors.

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