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Huang Sui Lee is the Gloucester manager's experiment in making an all rounder 85-85 type player from a low batting skill starting point needing a 5th bowler for the youth team in Penultimate League. Harry's batting is coming along really quite well at this stage, as a LH medium not likely to be a FC player but in the mix for future 1st XI OD team selection.

Season 33-34


  • 2nd XI: Season 33-34, 7 matches, 21 runs @ 4.2, 10 wickets @ 29.2, 0 catches

A seamer who relies on skill and guile rather than pace and bounce, Lee was a speculative acquisition early in season 33 at a price of just over 100,000. He took 10 wickets in seven 2nd XI games, but was always on the edge and was squeezed out of the squad the following season and transferred to Gloucester.