E.A. Jinks Bowler

Plays for Dusty Track CC
Age: 21
Right-hand batsman
Right-arm fast bowler

Elliot Jinks

The Dusty Track academy has a history of developing tearaway quicks, with Jinks the latest in a production line which includes G.R. Speed and S.M. Edirisinghe. While he has much work to do on his control and consistency, Jinks has pace to burn and the potential to make it to the top.


E.A. Jinks has more detailed statistics available.

02 May 2020 Too short for Chess vs Dusty Track CC
Last match
24 Jul 2021 Dusty Track CC vs Winding Road CC


Season 52000000000300
Career 53183379*2.4746.2500501200


Season 5270267357/289.005.9390.0000
Career 53270427616679/541.836.1340.9741

Recent matches

Bat & Bowl Team Opposition Competition Date
80/0, 0, 1c Dusty Track CC v Winding Road CC Friendly (50 over) 24 Jul 2021
56/0, 1c Dusty Track CC v The Lannisters Friendly (50 over) 17 Jul 2021
57/2 Dusty Track CC v The King's Court CC Friendly (50 over) 10 Jul 2021
0, 20/1 Dusty Track CC v Misfits Friendly (50 over) 03 Jul 2021
54/0, 1c Dusty Track CC v ClintEssentials CC Friendly (50 over) 26 Jun 2021
9*, 46/1 Dusty Track CC v SSCC Friendly (50 over) 05 Jun 2021
47/2 Dusty Track CC v Misfits Friendly (50 over) 29 May 2021
47/1 Dusty Track CC v The Lannisters Friendly (50 over) 22 May 2021
1, 36/0 Dusty Track CC v Shoes CC Friendly (50 over) 15 May 2021
77/2, 1 Dusty Track CC v 0 Circle Champs Friendly (50 over) 08 May 2021
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