J. Smart Wicket keeper

Plays for Burdekin Toads
Age: 32
Left-hand batsman
Left-arm orthodox bowler

After a brief and uneventful time at the Toads Smart was realsed from his contract to persue other selection oppertunities at another club. Having played 31 Friendly 50 over matches and only 2 Four day games with all the new talent coming into the side he was forced out of the second eleven thus making it nearly impossible to make the First Class team. The toads wish him well in his future selections and hope he dose well.


J. Smart has more detailed statistics available.

17 Sep 2019 Burdekin Toads vs Liverpool Lightning
Last match
01 Jan 2020 Ellerbeck CC vs Burdekin Toads


Career 2321510*15.0032.610000200


Career 2000-----000
02 Aug 2019 Burdekin Toads vs The King's Court CC
Last match
13 Jun 2020 Indian Royal Challengers vs Burdekin Toads


Career 3130872891*33.0993.5750807601


Career 31000----00

Recent matches

Bat & Bowl Team Opposition Competition Date
7 Burdekin Toads v Indian Royal Challengers Friendly (50 over) 13 Jun 2020
1* Burdekin Toads v Jharkhand Burnlights Friendly (50 over) 11 Jun 2020
18* Burdekin Toads v Khant Cricket Club Friendly (50 over) 08 Jun 2020
15 Burdekin Toads v North Norfolk CC Friendly (50 over) 29 May 2020
0 Burdekin Toads v Thalasons Friendly (50 over) 04 May 2020
41 Burdekin Toads v Soldiers Hill Friendly (50 over) 25 Apr 2020
91* Burdekin Toads v Seattle Supersonics Friendly (50 over) 14 Mar 2020
26 Burdekin Toads v Yuvi rocker's Friendly (50 over) 02 Mar 2020
27* Burdekin Toads v kande Friendly (50 over) 29 Feb 2020
31 Burdekin Toads v Yuvi rocker's Friendly (50 over) 22 Feb 2020
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