M.S. Mycroft player of the match Awards

Date Match Competition Result
10:30 20 Sep 2020 Blitzkrieg Warriors vs Runs Lola Runs CC Europe (50 overs) (Tier 5 - Rabbit) Blitzkrieg Warriors won by 12 runs
06:30 28 Mar 2020 Authors Of Pain vs Runs Lola Runs Friendly (50 over) Runs Lola Runs won by 170 runs
08:30 08 Feb 2020 Runs Lola Runs vs The Muppets The Mighty Mighty Saturday Cup (division 5) Runs Lola Runs won by 8 wickets
00:00 08 Jul 2019 Chennai Superkings vs Runs Lola Runs 2nd XI league (division 1) Chennai Superkings won by 4 runs
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